How to use ZenClause

How to use ZenClause

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Create an Account

Click on “Sign-Up” and enter your Email account, username and password. Only your password can be changed later so choose wisely!

Confirm The Security Email

You’ll receive an Email to your registration account that contains an authorization link. Click the link and verify your account!

It’s Your First Login! Add your Pic!

Head back to the app and enter your Email and password to login! Click on the gear icon in the main screen for the settings menu and add your user picture by following the prompts. This is the house picture people will see when they add you to their neighborhood!

Wow it’s empty in here! Time to add some friends.

Single-tap on an unoccupied greyed out house and tap on “Add User” to select a name from the drop-down list. If your friend isn’t on ZenClause yet, tap on invite, enter their Email address and we will send them the details on how to get on board!

Message my friends!

Now that you’ve added your network of friends single-tap on their user picture to start a conversation. Feel free to add other users to the message feed and group chat! Every time you receive a new message from a contact their house flashes an alert by changing color.

Post to my feed and see friends feeds.

Single tap the house icon at the top left to being up your personal post feed. Add, delete, comment and add contacts to your posts! To see the post feed of a friend, single-tap on their house to call up their personal feed. Don’t forget to leave a comment!

New Neighborhoods! Expand into new territory!

It gets exciting after you fill up your first neighborhood! Use the 1 – 5 buttons to move through the different neighborhoods and deploy more friends and feeds.

New Features Coming Soon:

Expand with more neighborhoods for your contacts!

Purchase new neighborhood skins for a sweet new look. Japanese houses will be the first to be implemented.

Design custom neighborhoods! Oh wow, this will allow you to make the roads and plan your neighborhood.

News feeds from your favorite sources! We can’t wait to start pushing popular news feeds into your neighborhood!