ZenClause Press Release – 07.15.2020

July 15, 2020 – Press Release

Toronto-based ZenClause Seeks to Change The Entire Dimension of Social Media

ZenClause is attempting to change the way that we view social media by implementing aspects of user interface from the world of video games into their service.

By: Will Campbell – LinkedIn: william-campbell1905

July 15, 2020 (Toronto, Canada) – Over the past 15 years, social media has risen to the absolute top of society. Apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all regulars in our daily lives. However, these apps all share a basic design; generic, two-dimensional scrolling through the pages that you have subscribed to.

Enter ZenClause. It is a new social media app that is under development and takes a totally new approach to how social media works. Instead of the standard two-dimensional scrolling, it has the entire design based around a two-dimensional isometric view. It displays an entire neighborhood of your friends and family, allowing you to place them in a manner akin to the Sims or other city-building games.

A neat feature of ZenClause is the ability to group those you connect with. Want a neighborhood for just family? Old high school friends? The miscellaneous group that you don’t know what to do with? All of them can be grouped together thanks to the buttons in the top right of the app. It allows for a much easier intake of information compared to the traditional method of scrolling and seeing everyone you have ever added in a single jumble.

ZenClause is being frequently updated to include all sorts of new features. There are planned updates that include cosmetic options like changing the houses to a Japanese-style design, changing the menu to a more intuitive UI design and adding functions like a separate module in order to add pictures and videos to your personal stream. Back in August of 2019, they released an Indiegogo campaign in order to develop the app and spread the word. The Toronto-based development team is really looking to simulate video games and their design in their app.

Right now, the app is in its alpha stages, so it doesn’t have quite the depth of some other social media giants. However, this new design and the promising developer blogs makes it seem like ZenClause really has the potential to change the entire social media game if they continue the way that they are headed. For those who are interested in checking out the app, it is currently available for testing on Android devices through the Google Play Store.

Play:    play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zenclause.zenclause
FB:       facebook.com/ZenClause
TW:     twitter.com/ZenClause
IG:       instagram.com/zenclause
R:         reddit.com/r/ZenClause
Git:      github.com/ZenClause

About ZenClause
ZenClause is an emerging social media platform that utilizes apps to deliver content through visual representations of neighborhoods. Our mission is to deploy advanced technologies to provide the public a free environment to protect, promote and enjoy their social media content.

Media ● Advertising Contact:  info@zenclause.com